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APRIL 14, 20.19

Dear Friends and Family (Ohana):


A little over 25 years ago, I never would have thought accepting an invitation to attend a church Easter service would change my life forever. But it did! I never would have thought what one man did 2,000 years ago on a cross could change my life here on earth, and my destiny yet to come. But it did!

That invitation, and my accepting that invitation was a game changer. That Easter Service was a game changer; what Jesus did on that cross was a game changer. Jesus resurrected was a game changer! My saying “Yes” by faith to receive Jesus as my Lord and Savior, was a game changer for my eternal destiny!

I was once lost, but now am found. I was once blind, but now I see. I was once lame, but now I walk with purpose, direction, joy, peace, and fullness. Who knew, one weekend could change my life, and my world? God did, and that same game changing weekend is THIS WEEKEND!

As we head into the weekend that changed everything - I am praying, believing, and declaring that this Easter Sunday will be a GAME CHANGER for you, and the many!

WEDNESDAY night service, our Youth Director, HANALEI SANTOS shares his message entitled “STANDING IN THE GAP”. Then…

It’s EASTER @ New Hope Las Vegas! Invite friends and family! Let’s gather together to celebrate our RISEN LORD & SAVIOR! He is not dead…HE IS RISEN!

HEADS UP! Avoid some of the crowds by attending our 8 a.m. Service on EASTER SUNDAY! Please plan on arriving earlier to church to park your car, and check-in your child(ren) for “Once Upon A Cross” activities happening in the back parking lot. Additional parking available across the street at the furniture store, or Opportunity Village. Free shuttle service provided. Overflow seating will be available in the foyer for all services.

Our RESTROOM EXPANSION project can break out into the construction phase this year! Let’s continue to pray and give towards the CONTRUCTION PHASE! Together WE CAN get this done! As of this writing, we received $45,500! Please make checks to: NEW HOPE LAS VEGAS. On the memo line write: “ADVANCE”; OR you can give through our Website; or APP.

There is New Hope, because Jesus Is STILL ALIVE!

Pastor Kent

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