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August 19, 2018

Dear Friends and Family (Ohana):

250 people came to our “Healing Service” last Wednesday night service! They came expecting God to touch them, and God did not disappoint! It was amazing! God showed up, and our Pastors,  Leaders, Prayer Team - came out in full force…even, Pastor James joined us from New Hope North Community Church (our new church plant) to help pray for people!

We anointed people with oil and prayed for all kinds of sickness, diseases, and conditions, and people received their healing by faith. The Holy Spirit filled our sanctuary, and tears began flowing! I heard of one person experiencing divine and miraculous healing and deliverance. Some folks stood in proxy to receive prayer for someone “far away”, and battling an illness. A bunch of “new guests” commented that “…this was the best service they ever attended!” Suffice to say, we were all touched by our GREAT PHYSICIAN & HEALER, and I can’t wait to hear people’s testimonies!

If you attended our Healing Service, and have a testimony of God healing you in some way, please email us at:

Make no mistake, God’s presence has magnified in ALL of our Services! In fact, this WEDNESDAY NIGHT SERVICE is going to be another powerful night! Our “lightning” HELEN LAUVAO will be preaching the word titled UNCOVERING FAITH & FAMILY!

Then, on SUNDAY, we’re going to have a FUN TIME with God, as PASTOR LISA shares a timely, and empoweringmessage titled “WORK & PLAY”! Plus, our YOUTH MINISTRY will be sharing their CAMP TESTIMONIES. Don’t miss out!

We now have a limited supply of SPANISH “JOURNALS” for $12 purchase at our RESOURCE CENTER!  We’re also working on getting more Spanish speaking resource materials, so stay tuned!

Our KANGEN water is helping so much people with their health that people from other churches are coming to our church to get gallons! One person told me that since they started drinking “Kangen” water (at least half their body weight in ounces) every day - their blood pressure, cholestoral, and energy level has improved! Praise God! Get your KangenWater at our HOSPITALITY counter before or after services!

Much Love!

Pastor Kent

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