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August 5, 2018

Dear Friends and Family (Ohana):

If a friend came to you with two black eyes, a bump on the head, a cut on the lip, bruises on the face – you’d probably ask “What in the world happened to you?!” Your friend says “I got beat up!”

You would probably get upset, and say “Who beat you up? Let me at em’!” What if your friend says “Oh, I did it to myself!” Friends, sometimes your worst enemy is you! Stop beating yourself up over past mistakes, failures, and bad decisions. If you do, you’re condemning yourself.

Jesus addresses the woman caught in adultery “… ‘Woman, where are they? Did no one condemn you?’ She said, ‘No one, Lord.’ And Jesus said, ‘I DO NOT CONDEMN YOU, either. Go. From now on sin no more.’” (John 8:10-11).

Some of you need to WAR AGAINST “self-condemnation”, AND stop beating yourself up! If you made a mistake, failed, sinned – no matter how bad it may be; simply “own up to it”; repent, learn from it, and sin no more. Lift your head up, pull your shoulders back, and move on towards your destiny! God is greater than the object of your self- condemnation, and so are you!

PASTOR BAM opens a NEW Message series called “UNCOVERING LOST TREASURES” for our WEDNESDAY NIGHT SERVICE! He’ll be speaking a powerful message titled “UNCOVERING HEART & HUNGER”! Come and get refreshed, and meet some of our church family that cannot come to our Sunday Services!

Then, on Sunday, PASTOR TERRY will be playing “spiritual doctor” and teaching us about “SPIRITUAL HEALTH”. Don’t miss this timely message, as we excel still more in becoming a spiritually healthy person and church!

We are having a “SPECIAL” WEDNESDAY NIGHT SERVICE on AUGUST 15, called “A NIGHT OF HEALING”. We’ll be praying and believing for healing miracles for those who have any type of health condition! Our Pastors and Elders will be anointing people with oil, laying hands on them, and contending for health and wellness! Invite people you know to get prayed over!

Our KANGEN water is IONIZED (for 48 hours), and Alkaline (8.5; 9.0; or 9.5) - and helping so much people with their health that people from other churches are coming to our church to get gallons! One person told me that since they started drinking “Kangen” water (half their body weight in ounces) every day - their health, blood pressure, and energy level has improved! Praise God! Get your Kangen Water at our HOSPITALITY counter before or after services! Be PRO-ACTIVE about your health!

Much Love!

Pastor Kent

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