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December 12, 2017

Dear Ohana (Family),

“You might be carrying a miracle for someone”

Mary was a miracle carrier. Who she was carrying on the inside was the miracle people were waiting and looking for. Scripture says “…But while she was still a virgin, she became pregnant by the Holy Spirit.” (Matt. 1:18)

So many people are waiting and looking for a miracle, and you might be carrying their miracle on the inside. You might even be carrying their miracle in your hand. Prior to my becoming a Christian, I was looking for a miracle to get me out of my mess. I looked for the miracle in the nightclubs, in the “bottle”…but, couldn’t find it.

Little did I know, when God connected me to Lisa (my now wife)…she was carrying my miracle. She carried an INVITATION. Long story short, she invited me to a Christmas musical at her church. I accepted her invitation, and it was at the Christmas musical that I was so touched by God’s Spirit, that I found the real miracle I was looking for – JESUS!

Thank God for Lisa, my miracle carrier – because, when I found Jesus, He didn’t just get me out of my mess. He transformed my mess into a miracle for so many other people. You might be carrying a miracle for someone, and someone might be carrying a miracle for you.

Come and get spiritually refreshed at this WEDNESDAY NIGHT service, as Minister HELEN LAUVAO shares a powerful message titled “JESUS – The Lover of Haters”! You’ll be blessed!

Then on SUNDAY, our Worship Director, AUSTIN TIALAVEA will share a message titled “When You’re Ignored”. I’m sure it will encourage your heart in this wonderful Christmas Season! Remember to invite friends and family.

Also, if you’ve been somehow touched by the ministry of New Hope Las Vegas, would you prayerfully consider giving an end-of-year financial blessing? Your tax deductible contribution will help us continue spreading the Gospel, and bringing new hope to people’s lives. Mahalo!

Lastly, our church hosted 56 Pastors, their wives, and leaders in the Las Vegas/Utah District at a Christmas party luau last Friday night! Our team of servants were AMAZING! I want to shout a big and loud “THANK YOU” to all of our volunteers who made it a magical night of celebration!

Much Love,

Pastor Kent

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