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December 3, 2017

Dear Ohana (Family),

“You’ll see HIS star shining better in your night”

Stars shine during the day, as well as the night. A child might think that stars stop twinkling when the sun rises. No, they are still shining bright as ever. It’s just that you see stars better at night – when it is dark.

Sometimes, when you’re in a dark time of your life…it might seem like Jesus isn’t there with you. But, His name is IMMANUEL (God with us). Jesus is still WITH YOU even in your darkness. These are the times to look up, instead of looking around. HIS star will twinkle brighter than ever; more brilliant that any other star to remind you that there is still HOPE in your darkness.

Like the magi who “...saw HIS star in the east…”  My prayer for you is that you will see what they saw. Expect to see HIS star! HINT: You’ll see HIS star shining better in your night! It’ll be the one twinkling brighter than any other star. HIS star might be a promise from the Bible.  Yes, you might have read that promise before. But, now…it twinkles even brighter.  HIS star might be an inspired word from a mentor; the lyrics of a praise and worship song that shines into your heart brighter than ever.

Follow HIS star, because it will lead and guide you through your dark time to THE HOPE you were searching for.

On WEDNESDAY NIGHT, PASTOR LISA will be sharing a timely message entitled “JESUS – The 2nd Mile”!  Join her on this adventurous journey, and enjoy the ride!

This SUNDAY, I’ll be continuing our Hope Renewed message series, and sharing a message titled WHEN YOUR PLANS ARE SHATTERED!  God still has you in the palm of His Hands, even though your plans fell out of yours.

Much Love,

Pastor Kent

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