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February 4, 2018

Dear Friends and Family (Ohana):

“Be a promise keeper, and in the end you will stand”

I’ve made promises, and you’ve made promises. It’s easy to make promises, but often times not so easy to keep those promises. Wouldn’t you agree? We sign up, but don’t show up. We say “Yes” one day, then “No” the next; “I do”, then “I don’t”.

We’re good with the IPhone; IPad…but, what about the “IPromise”? The reason why we make more promises than we keep, is that we make promises in moments of “convenience”. We make convenient promises. Then, when it is inconvenient to keep that promise, we make excuses; we justify why we break a promise.

If you want things in your life to continue standing (i.e. your marriage; relationship with your children, your finances, your employment, relationship with Jesus etc.) – here’s the key: Scripture says that those who “…keep their promises even when it hurts” (Psalm 15:4) will “…stand firm forever”. Did you catch it? “…even when it hurts”.

That means, keeping your promise even when it is inconvenient to you; when you have to sacrifice; when you have to forego something that pleases you in order to please the one you made a promise to. “Ouch, that hurts”. Yup! But, this is God’s promise: You “…will stand forever”. Be a promise keeper, and in the end you will stand.

THANK YOU to our 80 volunteer mighty servants; staff, and leaders who went beyond the call to host with excellence - the more than 200 Pastors, and leaders at our District “Leadership Summit” this past Saturday! It was D.C.A.T (Doing Church As A Team), and D.C.A.F (Doing Church As A Family) at its’ finest! Pastor Wayne was our keynote speaker, and his teaching equipped us all!

Not able to attend a service this past Super Bowl weekend? You can watch Pastor Wayne Cordeiro’s message: “OFFENSES & THE MIRACULOUS” on our website or APP! Don’t miss this message, or you might miss the miraculous in your life.

Get refreshed at this Wednesday night service! AUSTIN TIALAVEA shares a powerful message titled “BUILT FOR UPGRADES”! Then, on SUNDAY, PASTOR BAM will give us divine perspective and insights in his message titled “WHY STRUGGLE?” I know you’ll be encouraged and strengthened!

We will be taking up a “Special Offering” in all services (February 14 & 18) to UPGRADE, and ENLARGE our RESTROOMS. The goal is to raise at least $10,000 in our Advance Fund to complete this project! Please help, by giving over and above your Tithe? Make check(s) payable to “New Hope Las Vegas”, and note “Advance”. You can also give through our APP. Thank You in ADVANCE for your generosity!

Congratulations to all the EAGLES fans!

Much Love!

Pastor Kent

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