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July 8, 2018

Dear Friends and Family (Ohana):

As Believers and “Followers” of our wonderful Lord and Savior, we need to CHOOSE JOY, contend for it,  and, turn our “shout” on! We need to flip the switch of our JOYFUL shout from off to on! “Shout joyfully to the Lord, all the earth.” (Psalm 100:1). Why?

Wouldn’t you agree that there’s just too many people yelling at each other. Whether it’s on the road driving, or just watching all that’s happening around the world. They yell angrily; frustratingly; disgusting words of displeasure, protest, harassment, and harm at each other.

Sometimes, people get so used to yelling at whoever, that people yell “at” God, instead of shout “to” the Lord. What’s the difference? Well, simply put - The Answer: Heart. When a person yells “at”, it’s coming from a heart that is usually unhappy, unsatisfied, and “against” something. When a person shouts “to”, it’s coming from a heart that is happy, satisfied, and “for” something.

Let’s be a people that refuses to yell at each other, but instead chooses to “shout joyfully TO the Lord”. When we do the latter, it honors God, and puts a smile on His face! It also reflects a heart of “Thankfulness “ and Praise & Worship” to our God! The amazing thing is that a when we shout joyfully to the Lord – it gets His attention in a good way!

Start PRAYING for all 32+ YOUTHS and Youth Leaders that’s going to CAMP in a few weeks! I’m praying that each one of them encounter Jesus in such a powerful way that equips, empowers and transforms their lives! Let our all of them be used mightily to minister to others in ways they never dreamed! Amen!

PASTOR BAM launches a NEW “mini”message series called“STANDING FAST” at our WEDNESDAY NIGHT SERVICE this week (July 11). The title of his message is “MY PREDETERMINED ‘YES’”. I know you’ll be blessed! Then…

On SUNDAY, our Worship Director and thunder Jr. speaker, AUSTIN TIALAVEA will inspire us with his message titled “RISE ABOVE”! You are in for a treat with this timely message. Don’t miss it! Invite everyone you know!

Lastly, our MISSION’S and SPIRIT OF KINDNESS TEAMS of VOLUNTEERS are impacting people’s lives in our community in amazing ways! In JUNE alone, there were 57 SALVATIONS, 23 HEALINGS, and 2 HOLY SPIRIT BAPTISMS. All happening outside of our church walls! If you’re interested in making a difference and getting involved…contact ROGER RAMOS at our Church Office (702) 487-8439, or go to our CONNECTION’S COUNTER and inquire about our Missions and Spirit of Kindness Ministries.

Much Love!

Pastor Kent

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