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JUNE 2, 2019

Dear Friends and Family (Ohana):


“Life is a classroom, so you can learn new life lessons everyday, if you take the time to observe” (Pastor Kent)

Being able to see is not the same as taking the time to observe. Many people see, but few people take the time to observe. Life is a classroom, so you can learn new life lessons everyday, if you take the time to observe. Scripture says: “I applied my heart to what I observed and learned a lesson from what I saw.” (Proverbs 24:32 NIV). In other words, buried and hidden within everyday life; everyday people, and everyday situations; activities, are gems of life lessons to be uncovered, extracted, and learned.

That’s why when we do our daily devotions, we use the acronym S.O.A.P (Scripture, OBSERVATION, Application, Prayer). We don’t use S.S.A.P (Scripture, SEE, Application, Prayer). Observation takes seeing (reading) words on a page a little bit deeper; and bringing a fuller understanding. In essence, when you observe, you’re actually taking the time to study what you see written on a page in your Bible; or studying what you see in life.

We can become a better person, and have a better life, if we take the time to observe, and apply our hearts to what we’ve learned.

Join us at this week’s WEDNESDAY NIGHT midweek service, as Pastor BAM speak on a powerful message titled “RETHINKING REAL LOVE”! Then, on SUNDAY, Pastor BAM, shares his message “POURED OUT LOVE”. Invite friends, family, and co-workers…and, let’s all draw closer to our first love – Jesus!

Our RESTROOM EXPANSION project’s goal is: $200,000. So, let’s continue to pray and give towards the CONTRUCTION PHASE! Together WE CAN get this done! As of this writing, we received $51,000! Please make checks to: NEW HOPE LAS VEGAS. On the memo line write: “ADVANCE”; OR you can give through our Website; or APP.

CHANGE YOUR WATER, CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Our body is made up of about 75% water. The quality of water you drink, can help change 75% of your body! It’s not just the quantity , but the quality of water you drink. Our church has a Kangen 8 “water ionizer” that produces freshly filtered, alkaline, ionized (micro-clusters the water molecules)! Get 8.5, 9.0, or 9.5 Ph level at our Hospitality counter before and after services. Micro-cluster, happens after the water goes through a process called “electrolysis” which make the water molecules smaller so it can be more quickly absorbed into your organs which brings more oxygen into your blood system. This hydrates you more, gives you more energy, and helps combat diseases. Drink at least half your body weight in ounces EVERYDAY! NET proceeds go towards our church’s ADVANCE fund (helps with building expansions, improvements, equipment purchases etc.)!

Much Love!

Pastor Kent

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