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May 13, 2018

Dear Friends and Family (Ohana):

“Your soul will sing when it is not silent with doing good”

Scripture says “…my soul may sing praise to You and not be silent…” (Psalm 30:12). One practical way to make your soul sing, is by doing good, and serving others. For example, some of our church staff, and I went to bless the teachers and staff at “Gray Elementary” school for “Teacher’s Appreciation Day” last week.

Our church provided free lunch for all of them to enjoy! We were able to sit and talk story with a bunch of teachers, and even pray for them. The Principle, teachers and staff were so thankful. 

As much as they were blessed, I (and my staff) came away more blessed. My soul was singing “Praise God, what a great day, I really enjoyed that…” Friends, if your soul is singing the blues; singing songs of sadness; complaining etc. Know that God wants to give you a “new song” to sing. Change your music by doing good, and serving others. It’s one of the fastest and easiest way to make your soul sing songs of praise, and not be silent.   

Talk about silent…

I asked Pastor Bam what he was going to share at our WEDNESDAY NIGHT service, and he said “Shhhh”. So, I didn’t talk to him after that. Join us as PASTOR BAM shares his message titled “SHHHH”!  God will shhhhow up, and shhhhow out! Shhhhee you there!

SUNDAY, I’ll be opening a NEW MESSAGE SERIES called “GRACE AWAKENING”! My title should get you excited – “FREE GIFT”! This topic really helped me to experience freedom in Christ! Remember to invite your friends, and family! 

I contacted my friend, PASTOR SHELDON LASCINA at our sister church New Hope Hilo to find out how we could help the people affected by the Kilauea volcano eruption on the BIG ISLAND of Hawaii. Pastor Sheldon said that they are in need of financial assistance so that they can continue cooking, providing hot meals, and doing whatever they can to serve the more than 1,700 people that had to evacuate their homes…we’re in it for the long haul.” 

This SUNDAY we will be taking up a special LOVE OFFERING at all of our services to help the people of the Big Island! If you would like to donate, please make checks payable to “NEW HOPE LAS VEGAS”, and on the memo line indicate: “BIG ISLAND”.  You can also give through our church APP. All monies collected will go directly to New Hope Hilo to help them show God’s loving kindness in practical ways.

Much Love!

Pastor Kent

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