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May 27, 2018

Dear Friends and Family (Ohana):

“Happy Memorial Day”

May God bless you, prosper you, and keep you in His sovereign embrace! Amen!

WEDNESDAY NIGHT service – Pastor BAM shares a powerful message titled “APPROVED!”, as he opens a NEW mid-week message series called “From Death Unto Life”!

Then, on SUNDAY, June 3rd…Pastor TERRY shares an empowering message titled “GRACE FOR THE PERFECTIONIST”! Yup, this message is going to help those who have a type “A” personality, and those who have people in our lives who are perfectionist.

A BIG MAHALO to all those who gave monies to help the people of the Big Island of Hawaii. In ONE weekend, we received $2,800! AMAZING! All monies will be forwarded to our sister church New Hope Hilo. Pastor Sheldon and his church family are doing an incredible job providing cooked meals, and other life essentials to all the people impacted by the Kilauea volcano eruption and lava flow!

Please make checks payable to “NEW HOPE LAS VEGAS”, and on the memo line indicate: “BIG ISLAND”. You can also give through our church APP. Last day to give is JUNE 3rd. Thank You for your generosity!

KEEP HYDRATED, and get energized with double “A” KANGEN water: ANNOINTED and ALKALINE fresh! Get 8.5, 9.0, or 9.5 Ph level at our Hospitality counter before and after services. This water is “micro-clustered”, meaning water molecules are smaller so it is better absorbed into your organs. Drink half your body weight in ounces EVERYDAY! NET proceeds go towards our church’s ADVANCE fund (which helps with building improvements, equipment purchases etc.)!

Much Love!

Pastor Kent

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