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November 12, 2017

NEW Pastor’s Blog for week of November 12, 2017

Dear Ohana (Family),

“A cheerful heart is good medicine…” (Proverbs 17:22)

Some of us New Hopers had the honor and privilege to meet Greg Zanis, of Illinois (see photo)! Greg is the amazing man who constructed, and delivered the 58 crosses at the Welcome To Las Vegas sign.

Greg constructs and delivers crosses all over the United States, and abroad to bring hope and healing where tragedy strikes. He even slept in his truck while driving to Las Vegas just to protect the crosses.

What people may not know is that Greg and his family are not financially well-off. He often gets food from Food Pantries for his family, and struggles to make rent payments because he uses his own money and tools to construct the crosses.

Yet, Greg continues to maintain a sense of humor even in the midst of his own personal challenges and sacrifices. In fact, the first thing that he said to me wasn’t “Hello” or “Nice to meet you Pastor…your holiness” – NO…instead the first thing he said was “IS THAT YOUR REAL TEETH?” Now, that’s a man with a “cheerful heart” that gives BIG HUGS of new hope!

Greg (in the white construction hat in the photo) is wearing our purple “New Hope Las Vegas/Vegasstrong” T-Shirt! By the way – “YES Greg…it is my real teeth. I’m not that old!” Haha!

Let off some steam, and relax by coming to our Wednesday night Service! It’ll be a “NIGHT OF LAUGHTER” where I hope to bring some LAUGHTER to life, and HUMOR to our soul! We’ll also receive COMMUNION as a church family!

On Sunday (COMMUNION SERVICE), I’ll be opening a NEW Message Series called “THANKFUL & BLESSED”! My message is called “BELIEVING YOU ARE BLESSED”!

Also, come and enjoy the AMBIANCE of CHRISTMAS in our foyer…beginning THIS WEEKEND! Enjoy it with friends, and take family photos!

Oh, Fox5 News recently surprised and blessed Greg Zanis with a NEW truck and trailer, new tools, $2,500 to cover his rent over the Holidays, and $25,000 to continue making crosses! God loves a cheerful giver, and blesses those who are a blessing!

I sure am thankful and blessed that I get to serve Jesus with you! Hope to see you in church this THANKSGIVING weekend!

Much Love,

Pastor Kent

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