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November 19, 2017

Dear Ohana (Family),

Wishing you and your family, a very…HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

“If you think you haven’t much to be thankful for, why not be thankful for some of the things you don’t have.” As a small token of our (New Hope Las Vegas) “Thankfulness” to our First Responders, Pastor Bam, Collene and I went to Fire Station #6 (near our church on Torrey Pines) to surprise and bless each Firefighter, and Paramedic with a $10 lunch certificate to Pommares Thai Restaurant. We’re giving away a total of 30 lunch certificates that will cover each of their 10-man shift.

They all “Thanked” us for thinking about them! The Captain, and his team were so touched, that he wanted us to take a photo with them in front of their Fire truck (see photo above). How cool is that? We came away more blessed with a deep satisfaction, and happy memories that will far outlast the lunch certificates! For me, it was “Thanks, that I GET TO give”!

On WEDNESDAY NIGHT (Thanksgiving EVE), Pastor Terry is making his debut comeback after suffering a major heart attack a couple months ago! He’ll be opening a NEW midweek message series called “SIMPLY JESUS”. His message title: “JESUS, THE ONLY WAY”!

This SUNDAY, Pastor BAM will be sharing an incredibly powerful message entitled “ASSIGNED BLESSING”! Don’t miss out on the blessing assigned to YOU! Invite your friends and family!

Lastly, invite your friends and family to enjoy the AMBIANCE of CHRISTMAS in our foyer! You can even get an early start at taking family Christmas photos!

Always Grateful,

Pastor Kent & Lisa

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