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October 16, 2017

Dear Ohana (Family),

November 12th is when the County will be removing the 58 crosses at the “Welcome To Las Vegas” sign, and moving them to a museum for memorial. So, we have a short window of opportunity to take Jesus to the “sign” so to say where people from all over the world. Let’s give them NEW HOPE!

If your schedule match our church’s - don’t wait on us…you can just go, and help pass out FREE water bottles, Kleenex, and/or pray. Join in with other church groups, and let them know you’re from New Hope Las Vegas.

Current Schedule at the sign (look for PRAYER TENT): Calvary Chapel Green Valley: Monday and Tuesday from NOON to 8 p.m.; Destiny Church to assist on Tuesday and Thursdays. OPEN days are Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Call our Office at (702) 487-8439 to get the latest information on time frames that NHLV will be there.

Next: If you haven’t heard HELEN LAUVAO’s Wednesday, October 11th message on “Family Shift”… don’t miss it. It was powerful! Listen to it on our APP or website.

WELCOME BACK to 34 of our MEN who went to “Men’s Camp” last weekend! They’ll be sharing their powerful testimonies in our November 5th services!

Pastor VIC ORTIZ will be speaking on “HUSBAND SHIFT” at our Wednesday Night Service! Plus, some of our men will be sign-dancing to “Lord I Believe In You”. Come into the presence of God, and refresh your spirit! Then…

On Sunday, AUSTIN TIALAVEA (Worship Director) will speak on “AN EARLY START OF HEAVEN”! Don’t miss it! INVITE your “un-saved” friends and family, and let’s get ready for such a time as this.

CONGRATULATIONS to the 25 New Hope Las Vegas folks who finished the “Danny Gans 5k (3 mile)” run this past Saturday! Thank you to Cheryl Becnel who coordinated our group! I wasn’t the first one across the finish line, but Thank God, I wasn’t the last one either. I finished the run in 45 minutes…a little better than last year!

Much Love,

Pastor Kent

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