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October 28, 2018

Dear Friends and Family (Ohana):

Can you believe the Holiday Season is about to start around NOW! In fact, “Thanksgiving” is coming up in just a few weeks! So, to get our hearts cultivated in that direction, I want to highlight a scene from my daily devotions:

Jesus, James and John are at the house of Simon and Andrew. There, Simon tells Jesus that his mother-in-law is flat on her back, lying in bed with a fever. “And He came to her and raised her up, taking her by the hand, and the fever left her, and she waited on them.” (Mark 1:31 NASB). Did you catch that!?

After Jesus comes to the mother-in-law, raises her up, gives her HIS hand…she receives a blessing of healing from her fever. Watch what the mother-in-law does right after she’s blessed. Here it is: “…and she waited on them.”

Right after she receives her blessing from Jesus, the mother-in-law is so “thankful”, she immediately (without thinking about it, fasting and praying about it) – she turns right back around, gets up from her bed, and “serves” Jesus and His disciples. Her thankfulness was demonstrated, not only by words…but, by action of servitude. Question: Has Jesus somehow blessed you? Second Question: How are you to respond?

WEDNESDAY NIGHT SERVICE this week, PASTOR BAM redeems this night for Jesus and shares a powerful message titled “THE PLOWMAN AND REAPER”! Plus, come and have fun, and enjoy our “HOLY-WEEN” night for your children! Yes, adults can come dressed in costume too (just no scary costumes)!

Then on SUNDAY (Children Dedication Day), I’ll be sharing a message titled “DESTINY’S CHILD”. Invite your friends, and family as we begin gearing up for an incredible “HOLY” Day season!

RESTROOM EXPANSION: Why are we expanding our restrooms? Answer: 1) We want to accommodate the needs of our growing church, and provide quicker access; 2) We need to comply with City “Occupancy Code” related to our growth; 3) We want our “throne room” to reflect God’s aesthetic excellence as best we can.

Let’s continue to pray and financially give towards the CONTRUCTION PHASE! Together WE CAN get this done! As of this writing, we received $11,000! Please make checks payable to: NEW HOPE LAS VEGAS. On the memo line write: “ADVANCE”; OR you can give through our APP (scroll to “ADVANCE”). Thank YOU for your generous contribution!

On another important note: It’s EARLY VOTING TIME…so…VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! As many have said: This is the most CRITICAL MID-TERM ELECTIONS in history! Let’s make sure we as God’s children CAST our VALUES! It’s not just our vote, it’s our Christian/Biblical values that need to be voiced, heard, and counted! You can receive a simple, informational outline on candidates at our Connections Counter!

Much Love,

Pastor Kent

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