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October 29, 2017

Dear Ohana (Family),

“You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give”

THANK YOU to ROGER RAMOS, and the “Spirit of Kindness” TEAM who did a great job coordinating the UBS blood drive! MAHALO to the 53 participants who showed up to donate blood at the United Blood mobile parked outside our church last Sunday! Unfortunately, 11 were not able to give blood due to their medical conditions. However, 42 people were able to donate, and UBS reached their maximum intake! This WILL HELP “126 hospital patients and their families!” UBS said “This was the BEST blood drive ever sponsored by New Hope Las Vegas” - as we opened this to the community at large! A few people even accepted JESUS while waiting! They gave their blood, and received the blood of Jesus!

If you missed PASTOR LISA speak on “WIFE SHIFT” on October 25 (Wednesday night Service) – go to our APP, and watch it! It was powerful and a very FUNNY message – considering, she “spilled some beans about me (her husband)”. What a “WO-man”, God blessed me with!

This Wednesday night Service - come hear AUSTIN TIALAVEA’s message - “MILLENIAL SHIFT!” Don’t miss out! THEN…

Double THUNDER! This Sunday - PASTOR BAM will speak again! He’ll declare “RECEIVING SOONER BLESSINGS!” Plus…our MEN will share powerful testimonies from our Men’s Camp called “Legacy”!

November 12th is when the County will be removing the 58 crosses at the “Welcome To Las Vegas” sign, and moving them to a museum. We have a SMALLER window of opportunity to take Jesus to the “sign” so to say where people from all over the world are gathering. Let’s give them NEW HOPE!

DONATE CASES OF WATER AND ICE, and bring either to the Las Vegas sign, or to our CHURCH OFFICE!

CURRENT SCHEDULE? Go to our Website and click on “How Can I Help?”, or call our Office (702) 487-8439. Help pass out FREE water bottles, Kleenex, and/or pray. Don’t miss this EXPERIENCE!

Wear your PURPLE New Hope Las Vegas/#Vegasstrong shirt AND YELLOW ribbon!

PURPLE “New Hope Las Vegas / #Vegasstrong” T-Shirts are available to purchase! Price goes up after November 1st.

I WILL BE at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign…on FRIDAY, November 3rd! Hope to see you there!

Much Love,

Pastor Kent

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