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September 16, 2018

Dear Friends and Family (Ohana):


Did you know that our English word “CELEBRATE” comes from the Latin “Celebrare”? It means “to assemble to honor”. In a general sense, it means “commemorate, honor with demonstrative joy; praise, glorify, make widely known.”

Did you also know that a person attracts God’s blessing when they “fear the Lord”? Yup, “Behold, for thus shall the man be blessed who fears the Lord.” (Psalms 128:4 NASB). The word “fear” in this scripture does NOT mean to be afraid like He’s going to abuse you, or punch you out. No. Fear in this scripture means “to reverence, to honor”. Do you see the correlation between “celebration”, and “fear of the Lord”. In other words, God blesses those who “CELEBRATE” Him, by showing the greatest and highest of respect (reverence) and honor to the Lord (i.e. fear of the Lord).

Simply put: God’s Presence will come where He is celebrated, not simply tolerated; AND, God will bless those who reverence, and honor Him in both “action”, AND “attitude – anytime, and anywhere!

Come “celebrare” with us at our WEDNESDAY NIGHT SERVICE, as Pastor BAM puts on his coaching hat, and speaks a message titled “COACH IN, COACH OUT”! Don’t miss your chance to be coached by our “thunder” speaker, and touched by our awesome God!

Then, on SUNDAY, we CELEBRATE (“celebrare”) New Hope Las Vegas’ 15 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Our CREATIVE ARTS MINISTRIES will be performing. So, “Each one, reach one! Each one, invite one”or, more and let’s CELEBRATE (“celebrare”) TOGETHER – GOD, and His faithfulness to us! He truly is great and amazing!

We are VERY CLOSE to securing a Contractor for our RESTROOM EXPANSION project!! In preparation for the CONTRUCTION PHASE, our GOAL is to raise $50,000 to pay for the construction, as well as a few unforeseen cost overages we incurred during the architectural development phase. We hope this amount provides us with some financial margins to cover unforeseen items that may come up during construction. We received $2,500 thus far.

Please partner with me, and pray that we complete this project by mid-October 2018! If you want to help make this happen, Please make checks payable to: NEW HOPE LAS VEGAS. On the memo line write: “ADVANCE”; OR you can give through our APP (scroll to “ADVANCE”). Thank YOU for your generous contribution!

I can’t wait to see all of you, as I am so looking forward to…

Celebrating 15 Years w/ You!

Pastor Kent & Lisa (Lucas & Landon)

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