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September 23, 2018

Dear Friends and Family (Ohana):

What an AMAZING time we had celebrating New Hope Las Vegas’ 15 Year Anniversary this past Sunday! Wow! Our Impact Media & Youth ministry did an incredible job opening our Service with their music drama and dance; worship and praise created the atmosphere to welcome the Holy Spirit; and our Hula and Hip-Hop ministry combined their talent to put an exclamation point to close our celebration!

Through it all, I couldn’t help but soak it all in! I continue to be humbled and grateful for the FAITHFULNESS of our God over the past 15 years! When He said “…I will be with you where ever you go…” – He meant it; and I know He will be with us in increasing measure, as we move ever forward to His greatness!

God is certainly with us, as He shines His light through our amazing volunteer servants who continue to serve as a team and family! God continues to shine through our self-less leadership and Pastoral team who continue to throw their hearts over the line for God, and for the people! I know God is with us, because He is found among the servants – who serve with their whole heart!

Thank YOU New Hope Las Vegas family (Ohana) for making an eternal difference in people’s lives! OUR BEST IS STILL TO COME!

Are you scared? You shouldn’t be! It’s PASTOR JONATHAN! Come to our Wednesday Night Service, as he shares a timely message titled “FEARLESS”! Then…On SUNDAY, you’re going to be so blessed and inspired when PASTOR BAM stirs your “poi” and gets you ready to “CROSS YOUR JORDAN”! Let’s make sure we don’t forfeit our promise, but rather, go and possess it!

The people of God are fearless, yet compassionate as we remember ONE OCTOBER. WEAR YOUR Yellow ribbon & purple “New Hope Las Vegas #VegasStrong” purple shirts THIS WEEKEND to honor the lives that were lost, and to symbolize the healing of Las Vegas with New Hope! They are available (as supplies last) for purchase at our Resource Center. We wore the purple shirts, and blessed over 3,000 people with the yellow ribbons at the Las Vegas sign last year! GREG ZANNIS who made the white crosses displayed at the Las Vegas sign will be in town this weekend to honor the lives that were lost – and, I heard he’ll be wearing our purple shirt! He might even be visiting our church on Sunday!

Lastly, we are VERY, VERY CLOSE to securing a Contractor for our RESTROOM EXPANSION project!! In preparation for the CONTRUCTION PHASE, our GOAL is to raise $50,000 to pay for the construction, as well as a few unforeseen cost overages we incurred during the architectural development phase. We hope this amount provides us with some financial margins to cover unforeseen items that may come up during construction. We received $4,000 thus far!

Please partner with me, and pray that we complete this project by mid-October 2018! If you want to help make this happen, please make checks payable to: NEW HOPE LAS VEGAS. On the memo line write: “ADVANCE”; OR you can give through our APP (scroll to “ADVANCE”). Thank YOU for your generous contribution!

Much Love,

Pastor Kent

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