"Building a Community to Reach a Community."

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We believe that your faith will grow as you build community and relationships with other people, pursuing intentional growth and serving like Jesus.



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Leo & Amie Belmonte

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Darren & Alison Iha


Andre & Helen Thomas

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Children of Hope

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Jake & Mechelle Quinories

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Roy & Rochelle Ogawa

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Women's Ministry

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Young Adults

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Men's Ministry

Image by Bogomil Mihaylov



If you’ve ever listened to a Bible teacher or preacher and wanted to stop that person and say, “but what about…” Or “I don’t understand,” then a Victory Life Group is for you!  Victory Groups provide the opportunity to participate in the pursuit of God, transparent connections, authentic service and natural growth.

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natural growth

As in nature, anything living is either growing or dying. Therefore, it is important that our Victory Groups continue growing by reproducing. We can do this by always being open to new people. This is a life characterized by hospitality: we care for the people we are with and constantly welcome others. It isn’t a forced thing, and there are no time lines or systems here. For, as we’re living life together, we’ll naturally want to invite others along on our journey. This also means that at some points along the way, we’ll be led to release people out from our group to start new groups and continue the process of growing.

Pursuit of god

This means that as a group we’re actively growing in our relationship with God through worship, Bible study, and obedience.  Together we are learning what it means to follow Jesus and live out his teaching.


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Transparent connections

Victory groups are so much more than sitting in a circle confessing our deep, dark secrets.  We need to be real and authentic with each other, but those relationships come through a life lived together. This means we take time to have fun, eat together, and share stories from our lives. Bible study is important, but so are trips to a park, weekend hikes, and barbeques.

This means tangible ways of living out and spreading Christ’s love by serving our communities and engaging with non-Christians in real friendships on a regular basis. The possibilities here are endless…from active involvement in our church to preparing meals for someone in need, but the goal is to make service a way of life.

Authentic Service