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Transforming lives of women by bringing

HOPE and LOVE in Jesus Christ


Encourage women to KNOW and follow Jesus Christ

Engage women to GROW in relationship with Christ through discipleship and community

Empower women to GO and live out their purpose as they serve and reach others for Christ.


This HOPE will not lead to disappointment. For we know how dearly God loves us, because He has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with His love. Romans 5:5

We are currently having a Women's Victory Group on Zoom called "Letting God Be Enough"--why striving keeps you stuck and how surrender sets you free!


Everyone thinks you've got it together. But inside, you're asking, "Am I enough?" No matter how good we look to others, the nagging voice of self-doubt is hard to shake. We ask questions like: 

● If people really knew me would they still accept me?

● Will I be rejected when I can't perform?

● Can I pull this off?

● What if I end up alone?

● Am I missing out on what life should be because I can't shake this fear?


If you find yourself having thoughts like these, this book study will help lead you to freedom in Jesus Christ.   
Book Study Dates & Time: 

* Mondays from 6:30pm - 8:30pm on Zoom

  1. Begins September 18th

  2. October 2nd

  3. October 16th

  4. October 30th

  5. November 13th (Testimony Night)


Please contact Mary MacDonald with any questions at


Listening Guide

Letting God Be Enough - Discussion Guide Graphic1.png

Discussion Questions (Revised)

Please read the Discussion Guide every week to prepare yourself for the book study. Complete the readings and assignments.


If you would like to purchase the book to go along with the study, go to and purchase "Letting God Be Enough" by Erica Wiggenhorn. Buying a book is optional.

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Join us for our Women's Victory Group on Mondays at 9:30am - Noon at the Children's Center at New Hope Las Vegas Church, 6344 W. Sahara Avenue, 89135.  

Book Study Dates:

  1. Begins September 11th

  2. September 25th

  3. October 9th

  4. October 23rd

  5. November 6thh


Please contact Karen Leardi at if you will be attending.


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Please get involved by contacting us at

Women's Pastor - Lisa Miyoshi

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