You may designate a special offering to any of the New Hope Las Vegas Ministries available; however, the church reserves the right to redirect funds to the area of ministry most needed. Please note dollar amount toward ministry intended for proper allocation.   Thank You!  

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The tithe is a biblical principle of giving to the Lord the first 10% of your income and the acknowledgement that everything rightly belongs to God, we are only stewards of the things God has given us.  The tithe is a token brought to honor the Lord and to recognize Him as owner of all and an offering is a measure of one’s generosity.  Before one can be a generous giver, one must be an obedient tither.

*Please be sure to indicate your offering for "Tithes"


Go Possess! Thank you all for your continued contributions we greatly appreciate your support!

*Please be sure to indicate your offering is for our "Building Campaign"



Let's pray and financially give towards the advancement of our construction phase to expand our restrooms, and see our goal of raising $200,000 come to pass!    Indicate “Advance” on your checks made payable to New Hope Las Vegas or give through our church app under "Restroom Expansion". Together we can make it happen!

*Please be sure to indicate your offering is for our "Restroom Expansion"


To download the New Hope Las Vegas phone app, please enter "New Hope LV" in Apple Store or Google Play, once you have the App, click on “Give” and follow the steps to make a donation. Since this is your first time you will be prompted to set up an account.  


Thank you for your Love, Generosity & Support!