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Cherry Blossom



In the Summer of 2003, Pastor Kent and his wife Lisa – along with their two sons Lucas (5 years old at the time) and Landon (6 months old at the time) uprooted from Hawaii (the home that they knew for 37 years) and obeyed the call of God on their lives.


With the heartfelt blessing of Pastor Wayne Cordeiro and the loving support of New Hope Oahu – Pastor Kent and his family relocated to Las Vegas with the vision to make an eternal difference in people’s lives by pioneering from scratch a Church called New Hope Las Vegas.


“God continues to be so faithful” Pastor Kent said, as he reflected on New Hope Las Vegas’ small beginnings.  “We didn’t come to Las Vegas with a team of people – we only knew that there were a handful of people living in Las Vegas interested in helping, we lived off of our life savings, we had no office space, no church facility to meet in, and no equipment (not even a music stand) – it was an Abraham experience to say the least”.


With no house of their own to live in – God’s gracious, and providing hand brought a dear couple that opened their hearts and home to Pastor Kent & family.  During this time, Pastor Kent and Lisa were able to gather and organize the small group of strangers interested in helping start the church into a team.


“New Hope Las Vegas actually started in a living room.  We used a home Karaoke machine for worship, and we cleaned and prepared the couple’s garage for an early morning children’s ministry – as it was one of Las Vegas’ hottest summers with the temperature reaching over 115 degrees” said Pastor Kent.


In the process of finding a church location and being declined 13 times at various locations – a miracle happened!  Pastor Kent walked into an elementary school and asked if they would be open to having a church meet in their facility.  “Funny thing you’re asking” said the Office Manager.  “For 3 years another church was meeting here, and just the other day, they notified us that they would be moving to another location.”  New Hope Las Vegas celebrated their grand opening in September 2003 at this school.


Since then, we have moved our church to various locations throughout the years and now, the church is located at 6344 West Sahara Avenue in Las Vegas Nevada 89146.

Praise be to our God for all the wonderful things He has done and will do!

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