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Rise Up In Faith

Read Luke 7:36-50

1. What labels have been put upon you?

  • Don’t allow your labels to leave you in the shadows

2. Jesus invites you to His table and the light of His presence

  • Jesus sees your tears; He tears off your shame

  • Jesus promises us His peace

3. Still got some labels you need to give to Jesus?

  • Take the quiz below to discover your next steps to freedom!

Victory Group Questions:

1. What labels have been put upon you? Do you believe that those labels are still true in your life today? Explain.

2. Read Luke 7:36-50. What spoke to you most about the story of the “Sinful Woman”? Compare the difference between how the Pharisees and Jesus treated her. What lessons can we learn from this?

3. Take the quiz above by clicking the link and share with everyone in your group and/or family what you learned about yourself.

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